Statistics 123a

Introduction to Statistical Methods And Probabilistic Reasoning
Statistics 123a
Fall 1995

Instructor: Phil Everson
Office: 24 Hillhouse Ave, Room 208
Phone: 432-0638
Office Hours: Thurs: 2:30-4:00 (or by appointment)
Lectures: Tues, Thurs, 1:00pm--2:15pm, WLH 208
StatLab hours: Monday 1:00-5:00

Objectives and Prerequisites

The objectives of this course are Some familiarity with elementary algebraic notation at the high school level is assumed. Graduate students who wish to tailor the course to relate to their research are also invited to discuss this with the instructor.

Outline of topics

The following is an outline of material covered in the course:


D. Moore and G. McCabe. (2nd ed.) Introduction to the Practice of Statistics

Other References:
D. Freedman, R. Pisani, and R. Purves Statistics
R. Johnson and G. Bhattacharyya Statistics: Principles and Methods
J. Devore and R. Peck Statistics: The Exploration and Analysis of Data
J. Tanur, et al Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown


Homework and other handouts will be distributed at lectures, or may be picked up outside my office.

Homework assignments will be due each week. The first assignment will be due September 19. Homework is due by 3:00pm on the due date. You may hand in your assignment to the course assistant before that time, drop it off at the lecture, or leave it in the box outside my office.

You may discuss homework problems with other students, but you should write up your solutions independently. Always show how you obtained your answers.

The official course policy is that no late homework will be accepted. In return for your timely submission of homework, we will make every effort to return graded homework and examinations promptly. This rapid feedback should help you be aware of any problems in your own understanding of the material.


There will be two in-class hour exams during the semester, and a 2-hour final exam. The dates for the exams are:

Exam 1: October 10
Exam 2: November 16

All exams will be open book (textbook and notes). You may want to prepare a formula sheet for easy reference. A hand calculator is necessary for all exams.

Computing Assignments

Some homeworks will include computer assignments to be done using a statistics computing package. We have Monday afternoons reserved at the statlab (140 Prospect St., room 101). The computer package Minitab is available on the PC's there, and I will prepare detailed descriptions for getting you started with this program. You may use any other statistical package that is convenient, although we may not be able to provide support for these. Do not hand in piles of computer paper with your homework; cut out the relevant pieces and paste them in your written assignments (or incorporate them using a word processor.


Grades will be based on:

Homework: 30%
Exam 1: 20%
Exam 2: 20%
Final Exam: 30%