Statistics 625a, Fall 1996

Case studies

Instructor: David Pollard
Class hours: Tuesday 2.30-5.00
Office hours: by individual appointment

The class will usually be held in the Statistics classroom, at 24 Hillhouse Avenue. However, the first class, on Tuesday 10 September, will meet at the Seeley Mudd LIbrary at 3:00.

The course will be built around a large data set related to the selection of jurors for the State of Connecticut court system. I have been working for some months on the part of the data involving the Hartford-New Britain judicial district, a region almost coinciding with Hartford County. I have only glanced at the data for other judicial districts. My plan for 625 is that you should carry out an analysis of the data for the New Haven judicial district, with the aim of producing a publication-quality report. If you are taking the course for credit, you should expect to put a lot of effort into:

You should expect to produce some small written report every week or so.

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