Syllabus for Statistics 101-103

The primary textbook for this course is Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by David S. Moore and George P. McCabe.

4 SeptemberChapter 1. Course Preview.
Displaying distributions. Stemplots, histograms.
Homework "0" Assigned
9 SeptemberChapter 1. Center and spread.
Median, quartiles, boxplots.
Mean, standard deviation.
Normal distribution.
11 SeptemberHomework 1 Assigned
16 SeptemberChapter 2. Displaying bivariate distributions.
Scatterplots, linear fits, exponential fits.
18 SeptemberHomework 2a Assigned
23 SeptemberChapter 2. Correlation and regression.
Simpson's Paradox. Two-way tables.
25 SeptemberHomework 2b Assigned
30 SeptemberChapter 3. Sampling and experimental design.2 OctoberHomework 3 Assigned
7 OctoberChapter 4. Probability.
Population mean, standard deviation.
Conditional probability, independence.
9 OctoberHomework 4 Assigned
14 OctoberChapter 5. Stability and variability
of counts and averages.
Binomial distribution. Normal distribution.
Central limit approximation.
16 OctoberHomework 5 Assigned
21 OctoberChapter 6. Concepts of inference.
Estimates, standard errors.
Confidence intervals. Hypothesis tests.
23 OctoberHomework 6 Assigned
28 OctoberReview (Chapters 1-5)30 OctoberMidterm (Material through 16 October)
4 NovemberChapter 7. Inference for mean values.
Comparing two means.
6 NovemberHomework 7 Assigned
11 NovemberChapter 8. Inference for proportions.
Chi-square tests. Two-way tables.
13 NovemberHomework 8 Assigned
18 NovemberChapter 9. Inference for regresssion.
Standard errors, confidence intervals.
Prediction intervals.
20 NovemberHomework 9 Assigned
25 NovemberFall Recess27 NovemberFall Recess
2 DecemberChapter 9. Inference for regression.
Test for linear relationship.
Tests for inclusion of variables. Final prediction error.
4 December
18 DecemberFinal Exam (9:00 AM)

Homework assignments for the Life Sciences and Social Sciences sections (101 and 102) will be due on the Tuesday following the Thursday assignment date. Homework assignments for the Environmental Sciences section (103) will be due on the Thursday following the Thursday assignment date.