Course requirements for the Statistics Department graduate programs

All graduate students must consult at the start of each semester with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS),
whose signature is needed before course selections beome official.

Ph.D. program

Ph.D Fall Spring
first year Stat 610 (Statistical Inference)
Stat 612 (Linear Models)
Stat 661 (Data Analysis)
+ one more course, such as Real Analysis or Measure Theory from the Math Dept.
Often students also attend Stat 627 (1/2 credit) to gain experience with real data.
Stat 600 (Advanced Probability)
Stat 551 (Stochastic Processes)
+ two other courses, such as Stat 664 (Information Theory) or Stat 660 (Multivariate methods for the social sciences).
Also Stat 627 for the other 1/2 credit.
second year Stat 625 (Case Studies) required
+ two electives
Stat 626 (Practical work) required
+ two electives

The electives are often chosen from special topics courses that are offered on an irregular schedule,
determined by a combination of student demand and faculty interests.
See the course lists for typical offereings.

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M.A. program

Students take eight courses, usually in one year.

It is harder to describe a typical course of study, because students come to the program with widely differing backgrounds.
The minimal requirement is:

The details of individual programs should be determined in consultation with the DGS at the start of each semester.

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