Yale University
Department of Statistics

Monday, September 11, 1995
Seminar to be held in Room 107, 24 Hillhouse Ave at 4:15 pm

Kathleen Eisenbeis
Social Science Library and Information Services
Yale University

The Changing Role of Libraries in the Information Age

Academic libraries have existed for centuries as organizational structures created for the purpose of collecting, organizing and preserving the record of scholarship and culture. In the new "Information Age," this record is no longer merely a warehouse of books and journals, but a complicated and dynamic collection of paper, microform, cd roms, and magnetic tapes. The libraries at Yale University are in the midst of adapting policies and services to provide new forms of information delivery. How does this affect the users of libraries who have come to expect "business as usual?" What difference does this transition make in terms of technology requirements, levels of skill, and training to use the information resources effectively and efficiently? The speaker will address these questions and describe the libraries and services at Yale Univeristy within the broader context of the new "Information Age."