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Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held each Monday at the Department of Statistics, 24 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 107.  Seminars begin at 4:15 pm, and are preceded by tea at 3:45 pm in the common room.  If you would like your name added to our seminar mailing list, please send your e-mail address to Amy Mulholland.

Fall 2005 Seminar Schedule




Seminar Title

16 Aug. 2005
Tony Rossini of  Narvartis Pharmaceutical.
Statisticians and Computing: User Interfaces and Environments.
12 Sept. 2005 Taisuke Otsu  of  Yale's Cowles Foundation
Minimax Estimation and Testing for Moment Condition Models via Large Deviations
(with Yuichi Kitamura, Yale)
19 Sept. 2005 Cyr Emile M'Lan from UConn Estimating Global and Gene-Specificient Parameters in Unbalanced
Multifactorial ANOVA model of Microarray Data.
26 Sept.  2005 Julie Linden and Gretchen Gano

Introduction to Data and Government Information Services @ the Social Science Libraries

3 Oct. 2005
Dean Foster from the Wharton School at UPenn
"Improving stepwise regression by auctioning variables"
17 Oct. 2005 Hannes Leeb
Model selection and inference when the number of explanatory variables is of the same order as sample size.
24 Oct. 2005 Bin Yu from UC Berkeley
 Arctic Cloud Detection using Multi-Angle and Hyperspectral Satellite Images
31 Oct. 2005 Ji Meng Loh from Columbia Bootstrapping spatial data.
7 Nov. 2005 Jianqing Fan, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Likelihood Ratio Tests:  Then and Now
14 Nov. 2005 Ron Devore from the \University of South Carolina, Department of Mathematics The Regression Problem in Learning
21 Nov. 2005

28 Nov. 2005
Susan Murphy from University of Michigan. Experiments and Dynamic Treatment Regimes
5 Dec. 2005
Eric Sludd from the University of Maryland. Mathematical Challenges in Cross- Classified Factor Analysis.
12 Dec. 2005
Dmitry Panchenko from MIT On the generalized Sherrington-Kirpatrick model.
19 Dec. 2005

Spring 2006 Seminar Schedule



Seminar Title

23 Jan. 2006
Emmanuel Candes
Applied and Computationl Mathetmatics

California Institute of Technology
The Dantzig Selector
30 Jan. 2006
Stuart Geman
Division of  Applied Mathematics at Brown University
Brown University

At What Time Scale Does the Nervous System Operate?
6 Feb. 2006 David Salsburg
Yale University

Who Wrote the Bible? -- A Statistical Answer
13 Feb. 2006 Surajit Ray
Department of Biostatistics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hierarchical Modal Clustering based on the Topography of Multivariate Mixtures.
20 Feb. 2006 Jay Bartroff
Department of Statistics
Stanford University
Efficient three-stage adaptive designs for clinical trials

24 Feb. 2006
Lish Chen
Department of Statistics
The Wharton School, UPENN
Local Multidimensional Scaling: A Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Method For Data Visualization.

27 Feb. 2006

Jayanta Pal
Department of Statistics
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Estimation of link functions in monotone response models.

6 Mar. 2006 Spring recess; no seminar

13 Mar. 2006

Spring recess; no seminar

20 Mar. 2006

Oliver Johnson
Statistical Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Log-concavity and the maximum entropy property of the Poisson distribution
27 Mar.  2006 Yannis Yatracos,
Department of Stastistics and Applied Probability
National University of Singapore
Variance, between group variations and cluster identification via projection pursuit.
3 Apr.  2006 Christian Houdré
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology

Limiting Distributions in Some Longest Increasing or Common Subsequence Problems.
10 Apr.  2006 Robb Muirhead

17 Apr. 2006 TBA

24 Apr. 2006 TBA