STAT 625a: Statistical Case Studies

Jay Emerson

Brief Course Description, 2008:

Statistical Case Studies involves the statistical analysis of a variety of problems including death penalty cases from California, nationalistic biases in the judging of Olympic diving, a job hiring discrimination lawsuit, the prediction of college basketball games, and airline on-time performance. We will emphasize methods of choosing data, acquiring data, and assessing data quality.

Graduate, professional, and undergraduate students from any department are welcome, but must seek permission (discussing their background in statistics and goals for the semester) at or before the first class meeting. At least one prior course in statistics is required, but the most important prerequisite is a willingness to get your hands dirty working with real data sets. This will entail a certain amount of "programming," which we believe can be best taught by example, trial and error.

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Course Syllabus (Fall 2008)

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