Olympic 2006 Ice Dancing Results: Consensus of 12 Judges

Team Country Compulsory Dance Original Dance Free Dance Total Placement
Navka/Kostomarov RUS 38.08 60.93 100.91 199.92 Gold
Belbin/Agosto USA 37.20 60.66 98.13 195.99 Silver
Grushina/Goncharov UKR 37.08 59.52 98.87 195.47 Bronze
Delobel/Schoenfelder FRA 36.41 58.78 98.73 193.92 4th

According to my calculations, the following judges (in the random order
presented on the detailed scores sheets) were excluded by the computer:

Compulsory Dance: 1, 2, 7
Original Dance: 8, 10, 11
Free Dance: 1, 9, 12

Because there are 3 segments to the Ice Dance competition, there would
be 220^3 (or 10,648,000) possible combinations of panels that could
be selected by the computer. I can't reasonably run all these, without
spending time cleaning up and improving the efficiency of my algorithm.
I could simulate the distribution of the possible outcomes, but given the
consensus of all 12 judges I think I'll pass. If I had to guess (and
please, this is nothing more than a guess), I'd guess there was about a
30% chance of the computer awarding the silver and bronze medals differently
with different panels of judges.

The Ice Dance results with SOV and Ice Dance results in raw form are available if you are curious, for the top four finishers.
I also provide the Ice Dancing SOV tables. Note that my files do not contain the factor weights needed for properly handling
the program component scores, but you can obtain these easily from the raw ISU files.

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