The Bigmemory Project
Working with Massive Matrix-like Objects in R
Last Updated December 1, 2015


It's done! We have updated bigmemory with restored support for Windows. We have also relocated this site from Google Pages (where some mysterious problem was never solved).

Although the new package versions are available on CRAN, the master repository is on Github. Depending on your version of R, you may need to install from Github via devtools.


devtools: If you need to go this route, install it from CRAN. But you may not, if you can get the other packages from CRAN.

BH: For 'Boost Headers' – install it from CRAN if you have to do it yourself. But installing bigmemory may very well trigger the installation of BH.

bigmemory and the rest of the family: Install from CRAN if possible, otherwise: