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"Aho's amazing atlas of antibody anatomy" (including useful Excel macros)
Bioinformatics brief educational modules at NCBI   NCBI science primer
"A gentle guide to multiple alignment" (including an extended example of aligning immunoglobulin sequences)
CS580 Bioinf course at UConn/CCSU  bioinformatics courses
NBIF (National Biotechnology Information Facility (including Tutorial in Uses of Web Tools in Molecular Biology)
"Origin: Unknown" interactive teaching tool
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Science magazine genome issue
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MIT's biology hypertextbook
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Primer on molecular genetics (DOE)
The biology project (Univ of Arizona, educational site)
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Anatomy of a Comparative Gene Expression Study
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ExPASy server (Swiss-prot)
Theoretical Population Biology
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Applied Probability Group of INFORMS, Ulm, July, 1999

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Some people

Mike Snyder
Don Green
Jotun Hein
Anders Krogh, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Denmark
Judea Pearl
Rich Sutton and reinforcement learning, UMass Amherst




Stat 10x home page Syllabus     
Statlab   Creating simple Java applets for Math education R. Carver's data analysis/Minitab book
ASSUME (Assoc of statistical specialists using Microsoft Excel)
Guides to statistical good practice (e.g. two guides on survey data, one on Excel, etc.)
Lots of statistical resources   David's 10x home page from 1998
HyperStat online textbook and links
Donald Macnaughton's papers about introductory statistics


DRB Systems, Inc.
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Chinese television: cctv-4
Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
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NSF Biocomplexity program
Science magazine career center
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Critical comparisons of colleges and universities
Parapsychology sources
Santa Fe Institute
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Whole Internet Catalog Home Page
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Adaptive Simulated Annealing
Educational resources on the Internet
Virtual courses on the web
PERL reference
Take 10 minutes to learn PERL