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Once upon a time I decided to update the empirical process material in my 1984 and 1990 books. I needed some brief document that I could, in good conscience, recommend to students who wanted to understand some of the main ideas about empirical processes, including improvements made in the last twenty years. The manuscript had the working title Asymptopia. Unfortunately, the longer I labored the further I seemed from my objective.

A few years ago I decided I might actually finish if I split the Asymptopia manuscript into two parts. Currently I am working on the empirical process bit, which has acquired the temporary working title Mini Empirical. Some chapters have reached a reasonably complete form. Those chapters are in the Mini subdirectory.

March 2022

I am still struggling with the book. The emphasis has changed from limit theorems to inequalities. As I am no longer teaching, I no longer have the benefit of discovering errors as I try to explain ideas in class. In particular, I am very worried about the BinFriends chapter. The arguments there are elementary but subtle. While I was working on that chapter, every time I found a new mistake and fixed it another part of the argument would break.

October 2023

Still struggling. The working title is now Pttm = Probability tools, tricks, and miracles. At the moment the manuscript runs to a little over 400 pages. (See current table of contents.) Chapters 2 through 12 are in what I hope is final form. The other chapters still need a lot of editing.

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