Statistics 101-106, Fall 1998

Pollard homework sheet 9

Due: Thursday 12 November

The following questions all relate to the data for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, on page 698 ofM&M.
  1. Calculate the 95% confidence interval for the rate of change in the lean, as described in M&M problem 10.8(c).
  2. M&M Problem 10.9(a).
  3. Fit the least squares line to the combined data for 1918 plus 1975--1987. Is there anything about the fit (r-squared, p-values, patterns in the residuals, ...) that might give you cause for concern about fitting a straight line to these data?
  4. Repeat the exercise from part (i), but using the fit from part (iii). Is the resulting interval "better" than the interval from part (i)? Explain.
  5. M&M Problem 10.10.

Each Section leader will assign extra problems.