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Specific Record Layout

Name of Field Start End No. of
Data TypeNOTES:
1 FIPS State Code122NumericNone
2 FIPS Place Code375NumericNone
3 State Alpha Code892AlphaNone
4 Total No. of Co. 10112NumericGives the number of co. located within the Place Code
5County Record Sequence Number 12132Numeric
Identifies sequentially each separate co. record assoc. with a Place Code
6 Class Code14152Alpha-

Identifies the type of Place Code.See Class Code definitions.
7 Place Name166752NumericNone
8 FIPS County Code68703NumericNone
9 Name of County719222AlphaNone
10Part of Code93975NumericIndicates that this entity is within the boundaries of another Place Code
11Other Name Code981025Numeric
Identifies FIPS 55 Place Code Cross-Reference
12Zip Code1031075Numeric
Gives the lowest no. of the Zip Codes. (See USPS for more Zip Codes)
13aPostal Name Match1081092Alpha
A "G" = matches the Place Name to the USGS name. A "P" = matches the Place Name to the U.S. Post office
13bZip Code Range1101112Numeric
This 2 digit number will show the higher end of the Zip Code range
14GSA Code1121154Numeric
General Services Administraions code
15MRF Code1161194Numeric
The Census Bureau Master Reference File code.
16MSA Code1201234Numeric
The Metropolitan Area Code. See FIPS 8-6 for more information.
17CD 11241252Numeric
The Congressional Districts (CDs) take up field no. 17 to 31 (CDs). See FIPS 9-1 for more information.
18CD 21261272NumericNone
19CD 31281292NumericNone
20CD 41301312NumericNone
21CD 51321332NumericNone
22CD 61341352NumericNone
23CD 71361372NumericNone
24CD 81381392NumericNone
25CD 91401412NumericNone
26CD 101421432NumericNone
27CD 111441452NumericNone
28CD 121461472NumericNone
29CD 131481492NumericNone
30CD 141501512NumericNone
31CD 151521532NumericNone