Stat 251/551 project choices

Name project
Brier, Corey Optimal stopping
Brooks, Eric & Davies, Robert Electrical networks and Rayleigh's monotonicity theorem
Burns, Patrick EM algorithm
Cheng, Meng Riffle shuffle
Choi, Brian Markov chains on general state spaces
Chryst, Breanne & Shaham, Uri Hidden Markov models & message passing
Dernaoui, Mohamed Zaki Optimal stopping
Feng, Derek Markov chains on general state spaces
Frencia, Guillaume Conformal invariance of Brownian motion
Hoffman, Ian & Kim, DongHyuk Riffle shuffle++
Hua, Jun Black-Scholes
Huang, Qin Riffle shuffle
Johnson, Benjamin Simulated annealing
Landau-Taylor, Jessica Riffle shuffle
Li, Huamin Riffle shuffle
Li, Shantao Message passing and image analysis
Lian, Shimin Riffle shuffle
Lin, Zhixiang Message passing algorithms
Linshi, Jack & Malfitano, Stefano Propp-Wilson
Mala, Olivia Thurs 4:30
Marchenko, Maria MCMC in Bayesian statistics
Miller, Pearson & Zwick, Steven Electric networks
Qian, Sharon Riffle shuffle
Ren, Shufeng Electric networks
Schneeberger, Stefan Optimal stopping: Robbins's problem
Shao, Jiahui Electric networks
Smith, Sarah Image processing after 2xGeman
Wang, Dingjie Riffle shuffle with Mann
Wang, Qian Riffle shuffle
Yang, Bryan Riffle shuffle
Yang, Hesu Propp-Wilson
Yang, Yue  
Zhan, Yilei EM-algorithm
Zhang, Hongyu & Chen, Gang Study of a branching process with offspring distribution determined by past history
Zhao, Ran & Zou, Muhan Hidden Markov and image analysis