Statistics 312/612: Linear models (fall 2002)

The geometry of least squares; distribution theory for normal errors; regression, analysis of variance, and designed experiments; numerical algorithms (with particular reference to S-plus); alternatives to least squares. Generalized linear models. After Statistics 242b and Mathematics 222 or equivalents.
Instructor:David Pollard
Office hours:Thurs 12:00–1:15 or immediately after lectures
Time:Tuesday, Thursday 9:00–10:15.
Place:24 Hillhouse (Dana House), room 107
TA:Peter Radchenko


  • approximately nine homework sheets, with lab exercises using Splus or R (two very similar implementations of the S language)
  • final grade based on homework
  • Texts and references

    No single text.
    Material drawn from many sources.
    See also the Handouts and references for specific topics.

    Tentative list of topics

    DP: 3 Oct 2002