Statistics 607b, Spring 2005: References

  1. Tails of the normal distribution: classical bounds; Mill's ratio; conditional distributions; LIL.

  2. Convexity: log moment generating functions; Hoeffding's inequality; Bennett's inequality; large deviation bounds; Orlicz norms; subgaussian distributions.

  3. Metric entropy: chaining inequality for processes via Orlicz norms; Gaussian processes.

  4. Distances between measures: total variation; Hellinger; Kullback-Leibler; Fano's lemma; Assouad's inequality; minimax rates of convergence; maximum likelihood in one dimension via Hellinger distance.

  5. Covariance inequalities: FKG; application to 2-dimensional Ising model.

  6. Combinatorial bounds: Vapnik-Cervonenkis and beyond.

  7. Concentration inequalities: martingale method; Talagrand's method for product measures; tensorization methods.

  8. Poisson and Binomial: coupling bound; Le Cam-Hodges method; Chen-Stein method; unimodality; majorization.

  9. Berry-Esseen bound: via Fourier inversion method; Stein's method.

  10. Tusnady's inequality: coupling of empirical and Gaussian processes.

  11. Majorizing measures: the "generic chaining".

  12. Sudakov and Fernique inequalities for Gaussian processes; Borell's isopermetric inequality.

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