Statistics 625 (Fall 2007)

Case Studies

Instructor: David Pollard
When: Mon, Fri 10:30 - 11:45
Where: 24 Hillhouse
TA: Michael Kane
Resident experts: John Hartigan, Jay Emerson

Course description [summary, after course ended]

The course is aimed at students who have some prior acquaintance with statistical methods. In particular, some knowledge of regression (as covered in Stat 312/612 ) is assumed.

Students will be expected to learn the rudiments of the (freely available) R statistical language. A short introduction to R will be presented during the discussion of the first data set.

The course is built around the study of several large data sets related to property taxation in the City of New Haven, which are stored in the DATA subdirectory of this website.

A summary of what we have discovered together with several detailed reports appears in the REPORTS subdirectory.

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