PhD students

namethesis titleyear PhD degree awarded
Deborah Nolan U-processes 1986
Jean Kyung Kim An asymptotic theory for optimization estimators with non-standard rates of convergence 1988
Robert Sherman U-processes and semiparametric estimation 1991
Hemant Ishwaran Rates of convergence in semiparametric mixture models 1993
David Riceman
(jointly supervised with John Hartigan)
An estimator for the linear model 1996
Yuewu Xu Asymptotic theory in the presence of unidentified parameters 1997
Andrew Carter Asymptotic equivalence of nonparametric experiments 2000
Gheorghe Doros A class of one-step estimators in interval censoring 2004
Peter Radchenko Asymptotics under nonstandard conditions 2004
Stephan Winkler
(Applied Math; jointly supervised with Sekhar Tatikonda from Electrical Engineering)
Uniqueness of Gibbs measures with application to Gibbs sampling and the Sum-Product algorithm 2007
Steven Jaslar
(Applied Math; jointly supervised with Sekhar Tatikonda)
The asymptotics of combinatorial problems on random graphs 2009
Wei Dou
(jointly supervised with Harry Zhou)
Functional Regressions for General Exponential Families: A Theoretical and Applied Study 2010
Michael Kane
(jointly supervised with Jay Emerson)
Scalable Strategies for Computing with Massive Sets of Data 2010
Adityanand Guntuboyina Minimaxity and f-divergences 2011
Kyoung Hee (Arlene) Kim
(jointly supervised with Harry Zhou)
Minimax Bounds for Estimation of Normal Location Mixtures 2012
Xiaoqian (Dana) Yang
(jointly supervised with Yihong Wu and John Lafferty)
A Few Topics in Statistics 2019