Anderson Ye Zhang


4th Year PhD,
Department of Statistics
Yale University

Personal Information

Hi, I'm a fourth year PhD at Yale Statistics, advised by Professor Harrison Zhou. I have broad interest in the theory and application of statistics and machine learning. My current research is on social network (i.e. community detection), spectral clustering, neural network and deep learning.


[1] Zhang, A., and Zhou, H.. “Minimax rates of community detection in stochastic block models.” arXiv:1507.05313. To appear in Annals of Statistics (2016+)

[2] Gao, C., Ma, Z., Zhang, A., Zhou, H.. “Achieving optimal misclassification proportion in stochastic block model.” arXiv:1505.03772.

[3] Gao, C., Ma, Z., Zhang, A., Zhou, H.. “Community Detection in Degree-Corrected Block Models.” arXiv:1607.06993.


24 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT, 06511