Statistics 101-103, Introduction to Statistics

Welcome to the Web Page for these introductory statistics classes taught cooperatively by faculty from several departments.

You may access any of the following areas from this page:

A copy of the "blue book" course descriptions.

An overview of the materials, schedule, and requirements for the course.

A syllabus for the course.

Summaries of topics
prepared by Michelle Lacey, a graduate student in the Department of Statistics.

The web site for the life sciences section, Statistics 101aG/Biology 150aG.

The web site for the political science sections, Statistics 102a/EP&E 203a/Pl Sc 452a-1 and Political Science 513a/Statistics 502a.

The web site for the political psychology section, Statistics 102aG/EP&E 203a/Pl Sc 452a-2.

The web site for the environmental sciences section, Statistics 103aG/F&ES 205aG.

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