Splus tutorial

Topics to be covered

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The first five weeks will provide an introduction to S-Plus.
  1. Getting into and out of S-Plus. Help! Saving your work. Incorporating S-Plus output in reports. Introduction to lists, vectors, matrices, functions, and graphics. An illustrative example.
  2. Reading data from other sources; data from WWW sites (such as StatLib at Carnegie-Mellon University, and the U.S. Census Bureau). Data frames. Evaluation frames. Libraries. Search lists.
  3. Fancier graphics: beyond the defaults. Multiple plots per page, split screens, "graphics frames".
  4. Matrices, arrays, and factors.
  5. More about functions. Default arguments, variable numbers of arguments, return values. Idiot-proofing. Looping and conditional computations. 
    End of introduction to Splus

  6. Data structures. Regression and model fitting. Manipulation of lm objects.
  7. Low-level graphics. Construction of customized plots.
  8. Fancy pictures: Trellis graphics.
  9. Classes and methods.
  10. Multivariate plotting.
  11. Libraries and dynamic graphics.
  12. Special projects.