Statistics 251/551 (Spring 2013)

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This page will be updated as I think of other possible projects.

I am also open to suggestions for other possible projects.

Last revised: 1 April 2013
  1. Most projects should involve about the equivalent of two or three homeworks' worth of work. The write-up should not be more than 20 pages.
  2. At most two persons may work together on a single project.
  3. I need to figure out some systematic way of adjusting credit for harder, more ambitious projects as opposed to more routine exercises. At the moment, I intend just to assign some crude "degree of difficulty" to each proposed project.
  4. Consult with DP about the scope of the project before the end of the first week of April. In particular, you must arrange beforehand if you want the project to count for a larger proportion of your final grade.
  5. You must properly cite all materials that you use for the project. You must also acknowledge anyone (apart from DP) who helps you with the project.
  6. Grades for the course are due by May 9, 2013 (for seniors), May 14, 2013 (for other undergraduates), and May 10 f(or candidates for graduate degrees). It will probably take me more than a week to read carefully through all the projects before the deadline for grades. You should plan on handing in your final draft before the start of reading period.

Here are the topics that students have already chosen: project choices

Some possible projects