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Statistics Workshop at Yale  
Plenary Speakers

Andrew Barron
Department of Statsitics, Yale University
Communication by Regression is Reliable at Rates up to Channel Capacity.

James O. Berger
Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institue and Duke University
Some Curiosities Arising in Objective Bayesian Analysis. - Slides

Peter J. Bickel
University of California at Berkeley
Banding & generalizations of banding with applications to covariance matrix estimation & strong mixing of Gaussian processes.
- Slides

Lawrence D. Brown
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
Non-parametric Empirical Bayes and Compound Bayes Estimation of Independent Normal Means. - Slides

David L. Donoho
Stanford University
The pleasure of counting. - Slides

William F. Eddy
Carnegie Mellon University
MEG, RFFTs, and the Hunt for HFOs.
- Slides

Jianqing Fan
Princeton University
Ultahigh dimensional variable selection: beyond the linear model. - Slides

Iain M. Johnstone
Stanford University
Largest eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in multivariate analysis. - Slides

Peter G. Hall
University of Melbourne
Concept of Density for Functional Data. - Slides

Banquet Speaker

J. Michael Steele
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

Invited Speakers

Donald J. Brown
Yale University
Risk, Ambiguity and the Ellsberg Paradox

T. Tony Cai
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
Robust and Generalized Nonparametric Regression. - Slides

Tianxi Cai
Harvard University
Personalized treatment selection based on randomized clinical trials.
- Slides

Gary W. Oehlert
University Minnesota-Minneapolis
Graphical Methods for Selecting Effects in Factorial Models.
- Slides

Jiashun Jin
Carnegie Mellon University
Higher criticism: Optimal feature selection when useful features are rare and weak. - Slides

Noureddine El Karoui
University of California at Berkeley
Estimation of large dimensional sparse covariance matrices. - Slides

Xihong Lin
Harvard University
Variable selection using the Dantzig Selection: Asymptotic properties and extensions. - Slides

Deborah Nolan
University of California at Berekely
Communication in Statistics: The Role of Repoducible Research and Dynamic Documents.

Xiaotong Shen
University of Minnesota
Grouping Pursuit in Regression. -Slides

Werner Stuetzle
University of Washington
Generalized Single Linkage Clustering. - Slides

Yanzhen Wang
University of Connecticut
Volatility Matrix for High-Frequency Financial Data. - Slides

Bin Yu
University of California at Berkeley
Spectral Clustering and Stochastic Block Models.